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Sustainability Platform

Horizon Leathers are our leading edge sustainability product. We are reinventing the leather process to provide a sustainable, high performance solution for footwear applications.

Based on our 2018 statistics, the production of a single pair of shoes...

Uses 85% less water

Spends 48% less total energy

Compared to the average pair of shoes, that is enough water to hydrate you for two weeks[1,2], and enough energy to power a mobile phone for 34.8 days. [1,3]

These statistics represent our 2018 production for a single pair of shoes (2.5 sf of leather).


100% traceable to meat processing facility through delivery log or product marking[1].


Cr 24
Chromium Free
Na 11
Salt Free
F   9
Flourine Free[4]

Produced With Bio-mass Energy


[1] Water, Energy and Traceability production measure LWG Gold Standard minimum performance against the LWG pass score (50%).

[2] Personal water consumption from healthline.com

[3] It takes roughly 1 kwH per year to power an iPhone, from forbes.com

[4] Flourine–free data provided by HeiQ EcoDry

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